With over two decades of experience in tourism, from tour planning to tour guiding, Raja’s approach to travel is unmatchable. He’s all about experiential tourism, offering simple local experiences that highlight the human aspects of travelling. As a true pioneer, Raja not only co-organised the first-ever paragliding event in Sri Lanka in 2005, the first Tuk-Tuk Challenge in 2009, and “The Wild Elephant Trail”—the 210 km multi-day stage run in 2015. He had been passionate about hiking for many years and finally followed his gut reaction. Hailing from Kandy, he currently lives with his wife Isabelle in Kotte.


Born in France, bred in Sri Lanka and understands both cultures like no one else! After completing his IGCSE A/L, he moved to France, where he completed a Master’s degree in Digital Communication.
He has travelled through Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Peru. Syl is a keen outdoor and photography enthusiast, who loves nothing better than exploring new vistas in tourism. Currently, he lives in Paris. Our Pastis and Curry chap will ensure you travel differently in Sri Lanka and capture unique moments.