Walk along the century-old lakes and canals, rustic rice fields, farmlands, watch-huts, scarecrows, and forest footpaths, leading to lesser-known historical sites. Hike through small mountain villages in the middle of lush green tea bushes as far as your eyes could see; rugged terrain and wilderness mountain peaks with stunning views of valleys.
Understand the local way of life through first-hand experiences. Indulge in simple local food while walking. Smile and say Ayubowan or Vanakam to the people you meet on the way and share a moment with them as they go about their day to day lives, making a difference in local communities along the way.
That’s the way to experience Sri Lanka, differently!

All our trips and activities focus around one theme only, that is walking, and by taking a trip with us, we are sure that you will start looking at Sri Lanka in a different light.

Small groups
We strictly maintain our small-group policy to minimise the negative impact both on the environment and the people. So, we run our trips in small groups of like-minded travellers of 4 to 8 and occasionally as many as 10, making our trips much more enjoyable and socialising with group members, your trek guide and chauffeur quickly. Our trips are more about experiences and encounters packed with local culture, history and nature.

We try hard to make our trips unconventional by giving you breathing space, freedom, and flexibility. There are no planned sightseeing of “must-see places”. You will have control over what you want to do and see during your free time.

Real-life experiences
Try your hand at playing traditional drums. Cook your own Sri Lankan classic meal, the unmissable “Rice & Curry” up to the actual eating experience by hand, with a local family while grasping a little Sinhala or Tamil vocabulary, among many other things.

keep walking