Ayubowan, Vannakam

Walk along—ancient canals and tanks, across paddy fields and scarecrow-protected farmlands with watch-huts, beside less-visited historic monuments, temples, waterfalls, through remote villages with friendly people, in cloud forests, lush green tea gardens, and wilderness mountain peaks.

Indulge in simple local food, sleep in comfortable small friendly hotels, family-run guesthouses or heritage bungalows, and enjoy great company along the way!   That’s the way to experience Sri Lanka differently.


Day Hikes
With walks from 6 to 18 kilometres, our day hikes offer something for everyone: historic routes, nature trails, city walks, backroads and rural landscapes. You will be surprised how you can walk to places that seem far more out of town than what you have walked.

Walking Tours
Our collection of  Walking Tours is a perfect mix of walking, food, history and culture, all offering exciting tidbits of local lore and experiences. There are no planned sightseeing of the “must-see places”, but you will have time to explore your “hope-to-see places” independently.

Multi-day Treks
Hiking through three neighbouring provinces, each with its character & charm, and experiencing varied terrain and exceptional wild landscapes make our Multi-Day Treks excellent walking adventures.


Small groups
We run our trips in small groups of like-minded travellers of 4 to 8 and occasionally as many as 10, making our trips much more enjoyable and socialising with group members and our team quickly. Our trips are more about one of a kind experiences across the island, packed with local culture, history and nature.

We try hard to make our trips unconventional by giving you breathing space, freedom, and flexibility. There are no planned sightseeing excursions. You choose what you want to do during your free time. You may even be wanting to turn the traditional “must-see” list into a “hope-to-see” list!


We understand that any form of tourism inevitably brings with it some negative fallouts. Our main objective is to reduce the negative impact on the environment and the local communities as little as possible. 

  • Strictly maintain our “small group” policy.
  • Work with rural businesses.
  • Engage the members of the outline communities in service and provision supply.
  • Pay a fair remuneration to our trek guides, chauffeur guides, activity operators and service providers.
  • Encourage the participants to give time and skills (Shramadana) to the local community whenever possible.
  • Do not promote or encourage elephant rides or any activity involving animals in captivity or domesticated for entertainment.

Our trek guides, chauffeur guides and local partners are equally outdoor-inspired, like-minded amateurs and professionals from different fields. We are all passionate about walking and love to share our insight with you and commit to operating our activities responsibly.

keep walking