There is only one way to get in deep and up-close, that’s walking. Say Ayubowan or Wannakam to the smiling people you meet. Understand the local way of life through firsthand experiences. Walk through rural villages, across farmlands, forestry tracks leading to lesser known archaeological sites, tea plantations as far as your eyes could see, rugged terrain and mountain peaks with picturesque views of valleys.

Stay in clean, comfortable small friendly hotels, bungalows or family run guest houses. Indulge in simple local food and enjoy great company along the way! That’s the way to experience Sri Lanka, differently!

Small groups

Our trekking tours and day treks are run in small groups of 4-10 like-minded people, and occasionally as many as 12. They are flexible, adaptable and can be tailor made to suit your interests and needs.

Get curious

Our trips are not just about visiting places, they are more about experiences and encounters. We try hard to make our trips unconventional by giving you some breathing space, freedom, flexibility and control over what you want to see.
We want you to experience Sri Lanka beyond standard touristy highlights. That is why on our trips we do not include visits to must-see attractions but we have set aside time for you to explore these attractions on your own if you wish to or come join us for a conversational Sinhala or Tamil language lesson, engage with locals in community work or simply put your feet up and relax. So just get curious and do what you like.

keep walking